Alexandrite Laser

Face & Body: Hair Removal

Hair removal on Caucasian to olive skin tones

The Alexandrite Laser performs hair removal on Caucasian to olive skin tones. This is the most sensitive and aggressive laser out there, and is the most highly-effective laser on the market.

Laser hair removal is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. These hair follicles get destroyed when the pigment at the root of the follicle absorbs the light and heat of the laser. The Alexandrite Laser is sensitive enough to treat hair ranging from light brown to black – from the finest to the coarsest.

The Alexandrite Laser

Candela Alexandrite GentleLase is used for permanent hair reduction and hair removal performed by focusing laser light energy at the skin and targeting pigment. It can also be used to remove/reduce pigmented lesions, brown spots and age spots.

Candela GentleMax Pro combines the power of both the Alexandrite GentleLase and the GentleYag to create the Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal in all skin colors, skin types, and pigmented hair types. It is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755 nm Alexandrite laser with an equally powerful 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for high performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, performance, safety and patient satisfaction.

(1) Initial Consultation

Before your first treatment, you will come in for an initial consultation where we will discuss realistic expectations, explain how laser hair removal works, contraindications, and how your skin is affected.

If you have not already done so you, you will fill out Forms (which you can bring with you when you come in or fill out in office), and set up your schedule. If you are in compliance with the pre-treatment instructions and have no contraindications (see below), we may be able to do your treatment the same day. Alternatively, you may have a test patch performed to determine the most effective and safest settings for you and your skin. After this, an appointment will be made for your full Alexandrite Laser treatment.

(2) Before Your Treatment
  1. Fill out all relevant forms on our FORMS page.
  2. Make sure to stay out of the sun and tanning booths for 4-6 weeks for Alexandrite laser treatments.
  3. Be sure you are not taking any medications that might make you sun sensitive such as antibiotics or Retin-A products for 1-2 weeks prior to your treatment.
    1. No harsh products (acids/exfoliants/NAIR/bleaching creams/sunless tanners) 1 week prior to your appointment.
    2. No plucking, tweezing or waxing on the treatment area 2-4 weeks before your treatment.
    3. Shave the treatment area 24 hours in advance of your service appointment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us when you call to make your appointment or anytime afterward.

(3) First Treatment

At your service appointment, you and your laser technician will wear safety eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser light, and your laser technician will guide the laser to the treatment areas with a small handpiece. Each laser pulse will be preceded by a short pulse of cooling spray to help alleviate any discomfort you might feel during the procedure. Some patients are more sensitive than others, and be sure to discuss pain management with us if it is a concern of yours. For some patients, a topical anesthetic may be used prior to treatment.

(4) What To Expect

A treatment could take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour, depending on the area and condition being treated. The number of sessions depends on the treatment you require and the condition of your skin. Many factors impact the efficacy of individual laser treatments, including the severity of the condition being treated, your ability to stick to the prescribed appointment schedule to maximize treatment benefit, and following safety guidelines. All of these things will be discussed with you in greater length during your thorough initial consultation.

(5) Post-Treatment
  1. Avoid exercising for 24 hours
  2. Avoid tanning booths and sun exposure (no change in color of skin) post-treatment, and wear sunblock (SPF 40+) for 1 week for laser hair removal clients.
  3. Book your followup appointment before you leave so that you can remain compliant with your hair removal/vessel removal schedule for best results.

Additional post-treatment instructions will be given to you at the time of your first treatment and are always available on our Forms page.

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