Healthy Habits Program

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Healthy Habits Program

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AAC is offering the option of adding on the Healthy Habits program in conjuction with our Velashape treatments to maximize results or on it’s own. Our dedicated coaches will help you achieve lifelong transformation one healthy habit at a time!


Our Healthy Habits coaches offer the support, guidance, and education that’s been proven to increase success in reaching optimal weight, developing healthy new habits, and making healthy choices that can lead to lifelong transformation.

Instead offering quick fixes and fad diets, our coaches help you make real, long-term changes that can help contribute to your long-term success. In addition, your coach will guide and support you through a scientifically proven weight loss plan, complete with five daily meals containing high-quality protein which helps retain lean muscle mass, and probiotic cultures, which help support digestive health, as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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Begin Your Transformation

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Before & After

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