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Mention this promotion anytime in the month of February 2022 to claim savings

Basic Terms for Promotion: Call our offices to purchase promotion. Limit one promotion of each type per person. Cannot be combined with other discounts or series. Purchases expire two years from date of purchase and must be used during this time period. Promotion can be purchased now through the end of February 2022 at 11:59pm.

October SKIN Promotion AAC

Now through October 31, 2022



Contour and sculpt while providing lift & tone

PURCHASE: Sublime Lower Face (Series of 3) - $1185


SUBLIME: Client received Sublime and a combination of other treatments, combined with an at home skin care regimen at Anti-Aging Centers of CT


Smooth and soften scars and stretchmarks

PURCHASE: Sublative RF - Small (Series of 3) - $885
Choose one: Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds

PURCHASE: Sublative RF - Medium (Series of 3) - $1275
Choose one: Half Face, Front of Neck

PURCHASE: Sublative RF - Large (Series of 3) - $1950
Full Face


SUBLATIVE RF: Clients pictured here received a series of Sublative RF treatments at Anti-Aging Centers of CT.


SUBLATIVE RF: Clients pictured here received a series of Sublative RF treatments at Anti-Aging Centers of CT.

Cannot be combined with other discounts or series. Purchases expire two years from date of purchase and must be used during this time period. Receive a full-size, luxury skincare product chosen for you by your aesthetic nurse specialist or aesthetician at appointment (retail value up to $200). Products will vary. Must complete a skin rejuvenation consultation (other charges apply) prior to redeeming packages. Promotion can be purchased now through October 31, 2022 at 11:59pm.

Winter Laser Hair Removal Special!

Winter is officially the BEST time for laser hair removal. Without sun exposure, your skin is ready for its safest, most effective laser-hair removal treatment. So don't miss out on our lowest laser hair removal pricing - from now through March 12, 2022!

Learn More / See Before & After Photos Here

Ab Trail ($450 value) 
Bikini Line ($885 value) 
Chin Extension ($375 value) 
Feet ($585 value) 
Forehead ($285 value) 
Hands ($585 value) 
Neck (front or back, $585 value) 
Sideburns ($585 value) 
Underarms ($585 value)

Abs, Full ($1185 value) 
Arms, Upper ($885 value) 
Back, Half ($1185 value) 
Brazilian ($1185 value) 
Chest, Full ($1485 value) 
Face, Full ($1185 value) 
Forearms ($885 value) 
Manzilian ($1485 value) 
Sacrum ($885 value) 
Scalp ($1185 value) 
Shoulders ($1185 value)

Arms, Full ($1185 - $1495 value) 
Back, Full ($2085 value) 
Chest and Abs ($2085 value)
Gluteals ($1185 value) 
Legs, Lower ($1185 value) 
Legs, Upper ($1185 value)

Basic Terms for Laser Hair Removal Promotion: Please note that clients can purchase two coupons per size area (small, medium, or large) ONLY for a maximum of 6 coupons total. Cannot be combined with other discounts or series. Purchases expire two years from date of purchase and must be used during this time period. Please contact us with questions regarding what areas are small/medium/large. Promotion can be purchased now through March 12, 2022 at 11:59pm.

AAC offers the best in beauty with hyper-customized facials,
high quality med spa services, and results driven product lines.


Call today to book your complimentary consultation. Our services are in high demand, so please plan ahead when possible.

New laser hair removal and skincare clients may be treated the same day, while most skin rejuvenation services require a consultation in advance to discuss preparation.

Make sure to fill out your paperwork prior to arriving at the office.



Gift certificates are available for email delivery.


Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Very pleasant staff and the place is nice and clean with relaxing atmosphere
Karina M.
15:13 30 Mar 21
Best investment Ever. This place has changed my life.
Christina B.
17:35 18 Nov 16
Great service wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly trained professionals
Danielle S.
15:16 18 Oct 16
The staff at this spa are excellent. They're kind and explain everything from start to finish.
Krista F.
01:27 19 Sep 21
Fantastic job! First hair removal treatment and I’m satisfied with the results. Can’t wait until next treatment.
Jennifer L.
01:07 18 Aug 20
My first time coming here- office was really nice and very friendly front desk staff. My technician (curly dark red hair because I’m awful with names) was absolutely AMAZING! She sat down with me and thoroughly went over everything regarding laser hair removal. She did my procedure too and made sure I was okay the entire time. Love that they use the laser hair removal machine that actually hurts because it’s the most effective one out there! You can wear numbing cream to help with the pain. Their prices are also super reasonable. I live an hour away and will continue to do my treatments there.
16:44 16 Jun 22
Amazing, clean, and quality service. My skin was refreshed and glowing for days! Can’t wait for my next facial.
Stephanie O.
23:41 27 Aug 20
Have had a great experience each and every time I have visited!Amazing staff and the owner is wonderful as well!
Kayleigh K.
20:29 09 Apr 21
Great work. Nice and professional people.
Jenny G.
00:41 09 Oct 21
Very clean and the laser hair removal works
Debbie P.
02:50 23 Sep 20
I went here years ago and I had a great experience i was kinda skeptical about Lazer hair removal because of the reviews, but after seeing my results I was super happy and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who might need LHR. The staff is very professional and friendly here. I actually just made another appointment and am purchasing another package. Thank you AAC for helping me feel more comfortable in my own skin again 😊
Lindarose L.
20:40 12 Feb 21
My husband and I met with Debbie M . so that she could laser my husband’s ear hair. She was really careful and very professional. She also informed me of other services that are offered there - amazing! I can wait to schedule an appointment for myself. The facility was clean and parking was right behind the building.
amy K.
22:38 24 Jun 21
Super friendly staff and owners, clean facilities, and a warm and inviting environment. The nurses are all very knowledgeable and answered my endless questions with patience and care. They made me feel very comfortable. I have had numerous laser treatments and each one has been a pleasant experience. I have also had a massage here and it was lovely too. I highly recommend their services!
Lisa C.
04:56 17 Jun 14
This spa has offered some of the most amazing facials I’ve ever experienced! I’ve recommended a couple of people to come here and their experience has been the same. Samantha and Diamonde have the hands of angels that will keep your skin glowing.
Daniel F
23:36 27 Aug 20
Nice place and good service
Nataliya K.
04:13 17 Sep 20
I came here with a Groupon after months of waxing! I talked to ideal image and after laughing off their quote I went searching for a more reasonably priced offering and this met what I was looking for! Worth every penny!
Rachel D.
02:32 18 Sep 21
I went today for my first laser hair treatment and could not be happier with the result. You begin the appt with a consultation. They explain EVERYTHING to you, they’re extremely professional and polite. The office is welcoming and inviting, the receptionists are knowledgeable and extremely friendly. The technicians/nurses are excellent! I could not be more pleased with my experience there, I cannot wait for my next appointment. I will recommend them to everyone, they make an experience that is somewhat awkward and unpleasant completely tolerable and comfortable. FIVE STARS!!
Rachel C.
19:29 03 Oct 17
Awesome staff. Love this place
Qais M.
17:59 15 Dec 18
I have been to the West Haven and Fairfield offices. Great Pricing. Awesome staff. Love this place!!
John H.
09:35 24 Sep 17
I’ve been going here for a little over a year for laser hair removal and I honestly have nothing but good things to say. Debbie is WONDERFUL. She’s so patient and careful and makes sure that you’re comfortable throughout the treatment. The ladies at the front desk are always so polite and accommodating. I also just had a skincare consult with the owner and she was great. She took her time evaluating my needs and going over each and every option available. So happy with the services I’ve received here, and I can’t recommend them enough!
18:12 10 May 21
This is the place where I receive my laser hair removal treatments and have always been pleased with the services provided by them. Their technology is very new and I'm very satisfied with results. The employees are very professional and polite. Their new location is very pretty, I always enjoy going here. I do recommend!
Stephanie P.
17:32 26 Nov 18
Omg, this was life changing! Everyone is so nice and thoughtful. Not scary at all and definitely worth it!
Rachael D.
21:36 25 Feb 20
Love this place! So amazing and thorough from the consultation to the treatment the staff is super nice. Will continue to come back and get services done here.
Mayara M
16:36 22 Jun 22
I highly recommend Anti Aging centers of Connecticut!! They’re gorgeous facility is inviting and comfortable and their staff is warm and friendly. I have had amazing results with laser hair removal and look forward to trying additional services. 😊
Alyssa B.
12:08 01 Feb 19
I have known the owner and her family for a long time. She takes pride in ensuring that everything is clean and sterilized. When you walk in, it's absolutely beautiful. They have a fireplace, comfy couches, and they really do an amazing job to make you feel comfortable and at home. If you ever get a chance to talk to the owner, or even her 2 daughters, Arielle and Jamie, they are extremely knowledgeable in skincare. Barb is very dedicated to her work and she is always up to par with all of the newer skincare technology that is arising throughout the years. Barb has also undergone the treatments that she offers so she understands everything you are going through and she does her best to pass on her knowledge to all of her employees. If you are experiencing no results, you have to understand it's a process, a journey, and a lifestyle. You don't just go to the gym once. Skincare is the same. If it wasn't for the Prete family, I wouldn't be where I am today with my skin. Thank you Barb for all that you do and thank you for helping me with my skin care needs.
Brittany V.
21:12 07 Nov 20